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Fidji: Dive with the Bull Sharks!

Howard Hall - 2:23 - 55555  (1 vote(s)) - 70 views

This video shot in the Fiji Islands is the opportunity to enjoy one more time the talent of the American director Howard Hall, one of the early birds of the team.
Howard filmed the bull sharks in slow motion with a 5K RED Epic camera: the video is slowed down 4 times, in the beginning, then 2 times, to end at normal speed. The images feature bull sharks but some other typical species from Fiji which offers some of the best dive sites in the world!

Only one address: Bequa Adventure Divers -  
It is one of the rare diving centers in the world to manage a marine protected area that it contributed to creating.

© Howard & Michele Hall -  - Music by Alan Williams -  

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