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Let’s dive with the leafy seadragon!

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This video, from the director Alexander Benedik, is all about this curious but gracious animal.

He shot the images while scuba diving below the Jetties of South Australia. Phycodurus Eques, his scientific name, is from the same family as seahorses and is named after his leaf or seaweed shaped appendages over its body.

These appendages are only used to camouflage itself as the seadragon uses two tiny pectoral fins and a dorsal fin at the tip of its tail to swim around. His fins are so transparent that they are almost invisible, but they can be clearly seen in this video.

Bigger than common seahorses, the leafy seadragon can measure up to 18 inches; he eats plankton, crustaceans, shrimps and small fish.

© Alexander Benedik / Music by Richard Liegeois


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