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Mexico - Guadalupe Island: diving with a great white shark without a cage!

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Patrick Masse-Lasseuguette's 'Requiem for a giant' was awarded the jury's special mention prize of the 44th International Maritime Exploration and Environment Film Festival in Toulon, France.

In order to raise public awareness on the necessity for shark protection - by shattering their image of man-eaters - the production team went to Mexico, in Guadalupe Island's waters, and dived without the protection of a safety cage with a great white shark. Remember the movie 'Jaws'? Yes, that's the one.

The team was not just any team though. It comprised the oceanographer François Sarano, former Commandant Cousteau's scientific counselor and founder of Longitude 181 Nature association, René Heuzey, film director and underwater cameraman, CEO of Label Bleu Production, who also worked as photography director in Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud's 'Océans' movie, and Aldo Ferrucci, one of the world's most renowned specialists of closed circuit diving.

The result is just fantastic. What a superb movie!

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